What is Phalloplasty and How is it Done?

Phalloplasty is a kind of sex reassignment surgery where there is a transsexual from female to male. The surgeons in Phalloplasty have the ability to assemble a phallus achieving a fruitful before and after outcome. In other definition, this process involves genital assembling procedure that makes sensate male genitilia.This process have positively evolved and the patients are able to maintain their erotic sensations.

The rate at which phalloplasty is becoming successful has increased drastically over several years. You will be able to get a sensate phallus which maintains your erotic sensation. Though the surgery results differ by surgeon, the appearance of the new penis (neophallus ) looks amazingly realistic.

The female to male transsexuals has had the largest number of phalloplasty recipients. Even though it was at first made only for biological males, but now it’s different as patient who are interested in gender reassignments operation can easily get the services.

How it is done

The neophalus is normally constructed from skin graft of tissues taken from donor sites. The grafts may be taken from the abdomen, torso, arm or hip which qualify as a graft site because they are huge enough to offer a big amount of tissues that have a higher nerve endings density.

Results can vary by surgeons.

Phalloplasty may go together with other genital-surgical procedures. These may include urethoplasty, vaginectomy, and scrotoplasty. A patient may choose to have an erectile-prosthesis implanted after construction for FTMs of the phallus or the initial reconstruction. The erectile-prosthesis is meant to allow the recipient to gain an erection through their neophallus that may satisfy the patients’ desire to attain penetration of the sexual partner.

In addition, a patient may require undergoing electrolysis before the procedure to take out the hair from the graft area.

Types of Phalloplasty The Radial Artery Phalloplasty

This radial artery phalloplasty surgery uses a graft from your skin to make the neophallus. The forearm skin is used since it is the thinnest, easiest to harvest and also the most reliable to harvest of all the possible areas to graft. PhalloplastyAdditionally , graft from the forearm enables you to have a big graft of your skin to be picked, as a result the surgeon gets more pieces to operate with when building up neophallus .This is specifically important if you desire a sizable phallus or in case you desire to void as you are standing.

A flap from your forearm is developed into a tube and after it is relocated to your genital section. This process Uses advanced microsurgical methods, where phalloplasty surgeons link the veins and arteries with nerves emerging from the arm to the newly developed phallus. In addition, your radial artery which is located at the forearm is also relocated to the phallus to enable it to receive arterial blood supply, hence increasing the success pace and the sensation from the operation. Over a period of time, the neophallus will see an increase in its sensation as its nerves redevelop. According to research done, approximately fifty percent of the patients have been able to achieve the sensation at the head of their penis following the surgery

Pubic Phalloplasty

Pubic phalloplasty is way less common than radial artery phalloplasty as it doesn’t allow the patients to realize the same results for urinating while standing up. But, a major benefit of pubic phalloplasty is the fact that it allows for more flexibility in use and size of the phallus for proper penetration.

A downside of pubic phaloplasty is that it may result in an unusual thick phallus. Aside from that, pubic phaloplasty basically results in a phalus with less sensation than the fore arm flap phaloplasty. Due to complications that may follow with the extension of the urethra, there have been reports of difficulties in realizing successful results with extended urethra and the surgery may have to be performed to leave a hole on the lower side of the phalus for the patients to void through.

The pubic phaloplasty makes use of a skin graft derived from the lower abdomen, which is then formed inside a tube to come up with the phallus structure.

Also known as a penis enlargement procedure

Phalloplasty is also a name of a penis enlargement procedure. Once very popular between men it has lost its demand during the last decade. The problem with it always was the risk involved and the results that were not always visible. The cost was also an issue. Also a new type of devices called penis extenders entered the market which showed quite an astonishing outcomes. penis extenderThe working principle of traction applied to your penis can increase the size of up to 1 inch within the period of 6 months. It is endorsed by many plastic surgeons and is a complete alternative to phalloplasty. There are plenty of brands to choose from, however the most well known to date is size genetics. You can read sizegenetics review to get more familiar with the product.

The advice however is to have a constant sexual relationship for the best results. And alternative for those who cannot do that at least once a day or for those who are in a distant relationship is to use a product called Kiiroo Onyx . It is an electronic device which also gives you some light traction during the intercourse and is times better than using your hands. There are alternatives offcourse whitch you can find at best male masturbators section of this review magazine. We suggest you to avoid non plastic made ones though due to the added air traction benefits it can provide.


A glansoplasty is carried out following a groin flap or pedicel flap phalloplasty to contour with the penis’ head. It is meant to offer a more sensible look to the phallus head. The surgery is optional as it is just for aesthetic purposes. It’s rarely covered by insurance due to the fact that it is an aesthetic procedure.

Introduction to urology

Hello. My name Joann Mercer, and I am a certified urologist. I would like to thank you for visiting my brand new blog and I hope that I will provide you a ton of value by sharing you my secrets of urology which I accumulated within 15 years of practice.

So what exactly is an urologist ?

Urologist is a medical doctor who treats male and female urinary system and male genital organs. Patient bodies are treated for kidney, adrenal gland, ureter, urinary bladder, urethra, testis, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate and penis. Urinary and sexual systems are all linked together, so one disorder may easily affect another. urology

As many of the symptoms in urology can easily be related to many other different clinical problems, urologists should have a good understanding of the internal organs medicine, paediatrics, gynecology and much more. Urology is classified as a branch of surgery. Urologists specialization may include the following:

Children’s urology
urologic oncology
kidney transplantation
Male infertility
Urinary stones
Women’s urology
Erectile dysfunction (impotence)

We often treat: benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlargement of the prostate, urinary system cancer (eg. Kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular), male and female infertility, the intermediate cystitis, kidney stones, urinary incontinence, prostatitis, sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction ), urinary tract infections.

Thats it for start, however this is only a tip of an iceberg. Come visit me within the next couple of days and we will start diving into more subtile things.